Gull imports fully refined fuel into its state of the art fuel terminal situated in Mount Maunganui, on the North Island’s central East Coast. This central location enables us to service our entire network without replicating facilities, so you know that our quality control is second to none.

Initially called “impossible” by the oil giants, Gull went against the grain and opened our terminal on Hewletts Road in 1999. It has a total storage capacity of 90 million litres and is significantly larger than the other Mount Maunganui installations - you definitely can’t miss us! Cleaner and newer than other facilities, product quality and integrity is paramount to us and is applied to everything we do.

The highly efficient nature of the terminal has simplified the blending process for our high performance biofuel, Gull Force 10, which is blended on site from base gasoline and ethanol. As most of the ethanol we use is produced locally, we’re supporting New Zealand’s rural economy while reducing our dependency on imported fuel.