Gull is New Zealand's original biofuel retailer, introducing a greener way of driving to Kiwi motorists in 2007. Our biofuel* is produced from renewable and sustainable sources - not extracted from the ground like other fossil fuels.

Gull retails two types of biofuel:

  • Bioethanol blended with premium petrol for petrol vehicles. We call these blends the Gull Force range.
  • Biodiesel blended with mineral diesel for diesel vehicles, which is sold at selected stations as Diesel Max.

Our tankers collect ethanol as part of a return trip route, adding no extra carbon footprint to this production process.

*Gull Regular 91 is not a biofuel and contains no ethanol.

Why use Biofuel?

Ethanol is found in many gasoline mixtures worldwide. In Brazil, gasoline contains at least 85% ethanol. In other countries, ethanol usually makes up between 10 and 15% of gasoline. New cars today are designed to enjoy a healthy amount of ethanol in their diet and actually get a good kick out of it. 

Force 10 is 10% bioethanol. That’s 10% of your fuel that doesn’t need to be imported or pumped out of the ground. This takes pressure off our overall carbon footprint and helps keep our country clean and green.

Sustainably Sourced.

We don't believe in wasting food or extra space and resources to produce our biofuel. The ethanol we use is sustainably sourced through a waste by-product from the dairy industry and we produce our biodiesel from used cooking oil, from good old fish & chips. We have even brewed a special fuel batch with our friends at DB, to create the world's first biofuel from a beer waste by-product. We are proud to say it is an award winning brew. (1st place for Sustainable Business Network's Renewables Innovation Award 2015 and Highly Commended at the 2016 EECA Awards for the University of Waikato Innovation Award)