DB Export Brewtroleum

The guys over at DB Export came to us with an idea; to make a cleaner 98 octane fuel using natural beer waste extracted during the brewing process. As New Zealand’s leading biofuels retailer, of course we were more than happy to help!

We provided a little advice along the way and helped DB Export refine the ethanol to the same high standard as that used when we make Gull Force 10. The refined ethanol was stored at our Mt Maunganui terminal facility where it is now being blended with premium petrol to make DB Export Brewtroleum, a high performance 98 octane fuel.

DB Export Brewtroleum can be found, for a limited time, everywhere you’d usually fill up with Gull Force 10.

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The DB Export Brewtroleum tanks are currently empty. If you are looking for a 98 octane biofuel check out Gull Force 10. Chemically identical and made with help from New Zealand farmers.

Learn about Gull Force 10

A high performance 98 octane petrol.

It’s a fuel that creates up to 8% less carbon dioxide, and because it burns more efficiently, provides extra power you can ‘feel’, and cleaner air for all of us.

Containing 10% ethanol. This is locally made by made from the yeast and grain leftover after brewing DB Export. Reducing our dependency on imported fuel and supporting New Zealand.

The ethanol in DB Export Brewtroleum is a renewable biofuel that’s more sustainable – so you can enjoy more power and do your bit for the environment.

DB Export Brewtroleum will naturally remove water from your fuel system and contains anti-corrosive additives to protect your entire engine system. All fuel tanks generally contain some water generated by condensation, with older vehicles more likely to have water in the tank. DB Export Brewtroleum will actually clean the water from your system. Combine this with the anti-corrosive additives we use and you have a fuel that not only performs well, but looks after your engine too. The end result is that it is firing on all cylinders, all the time. Don’t you love that?

Who is using DB Export Brewtroleum?

1000s of Kiwis

DB Export Brewtroleum is the high octane fuel of choice for thousands of eco-minded Kiwis. The ethanol blend is suitable for use in any modern car that can run on 98 octane and the everyday low prices at Gull result in significant savings to both the environment and your pocket – that’s driving smarter!