Gull Force Pro is specialty high-performance fuel made from ethanol blended with premium petrol. It is sought after for high-performance motor racing engines has been designed for use in Flexible Fuel (FlexFuel) vehicles, which are able to run on any blend from E10 to E85, as well as normal petrol should the need arise.

Gull Force Pro is warrantied to meet New Zealand fuel specifications for E85 fuels and contains a blend of between 70% and 85% ethanol and is available at Gull Forrest HillGull Hampton DownsGull Pukekohe and Gull Onehunga. Find these sites on the Gull Station Locator.

Gull Force Pro is not suitable for standard vehicle engines or fuel systems and may cause serious damage. Consult with your vehicle’s manufacturer before use. For information on how to have your car modified to run Gull Force Pro, talk to the team at E&H Motors.

Effective 9 December, 2019, the blend of Gull Force Pro has reduced to 80% ethanol. This blend delivers less volatility and more longevity, and will provide a better cold start.


A high-performance petrol, used by serious motor enthusiasts, such as NZ Rally Championship.

Gull Force Pro is very high in octane with its high ethanol content. New Zealand systems cannot test such high levels when samples from Gull are provided so we therefore cannot state the accurate octane in systems. 


Made with help by our local dairy industry, which reduced our dependency on imported fuel and supporting rural New Zealand. With a high ethanol content naturally, it follows that Gull Force Pro substantially reduces your carbon footprint compared with mineral fuels.

Safety Data Sheet