Gull Force Pro

A specialty high performance fuel made from bioethanol, mixed with premium petrol. Designed for use in Flexible Fuel (FlexFuel) vehicles and specifically designed for high performance motor racing engines.

Gull Force Pro is designed for use in FlexFuel vehicles which are able to run on any blend from E10 to E85, as well as normal petrol should the need arise. Holden launched FlexFuel capable vehicles in the New Zealand market in 2010. It can also be used in specifically designed high performance motor racing engines, i.e., motor sports and rally cars.

Not suitable for standard vehicle engines or fuel systems and may cause serious damage. Consult with your vehicles manufacturer before use.

For information on how to have your car modified to run Gull Force Pro, talk to the guys at E&H Motors.

Available at Gull Forrest HillGull Hampton DownsGull MelvilleGull PukekoheGull Onehunga and TaupiriAutostore.


A high performance E85 petrol, used by serious motor enthusiasts.


Made with help by our local dairy industry, reducing our dependency on imported fuel and supporting rural New Zealand.


The ethanol in Gull Force Pro is a renewable bio-fuel that’s more sustainable – so you can enjoy more power and do your bit for the environment.


Gull Force Pro will naturally remove water from your fuel system and contains anti-corrosive additives to protect your entire engine system. All fuel tanks generally contain some water generated by condensation, with older vehicles more likely to have water in the tank. Gull Force Pro will actually clean the water from your system. Combine this with the anti-corrosive additives we use and you have a fuel that not only performs well, but looks after your engine too. The end result is that it is firing on all cylinders, all the time. Don’t you love that?

Safety Data Sheet