In March 2020 signage was placed at relevant sites notifying customers of the disruption to blending of Gull Force Pro due to the ethanol supply constraints and we can now confirm the permanent withdrawal of Force Pro from retail sites and sales to our third-party suppliers. The withdrawal is effective immediately and fuel is available until existing stocks run out. There are no plans for Gull to stock it again in the future and this is a permanent move.

Our primary ethanol supplier Fonterra notified us in early 2020 that local drought was limiting their production and thus our ability to blend. We have also most recently been importing ethanol, but this is a drawn-out process and not a viable long-term option. With limited local supply and imports we can only obtain enough ethanol to support one fuel grade and we will continue to blend Gull Force 10 (E10), which remains available at most Gull North Island sites for the foreseeable future.

In March, Gull released a total of 340,000 litres of ethanol from its stocks to assist in the production of hand sanitiser to meet the urgent demand for healthcare services, when there was an overwhelming shortage of it due to COVID-19. It brought us great joy to see hand sanitiser back on the shelves for public purchasing in the weeks to follow.

We thank all Gull Force Pro fans, weekend warriors and semi-pros alike, as well as our very own Gull athletes and partners, for your loyalty and support over the past years. We have loved seeing you run your beasts on the good stuff and have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing communities of motorsport out on the track and gravel, so devoted to their hobbies and passion projects.

We would also like to make a shout-out to our good friends at the Autostore, proud suppliers of Gull Force Pro drums, who will endeavour to blend their own E85 moving forward, pending ethanol supplies. Please make direct contact with them regarding any drum enquiries.

For any enquiries about converting your vehicle to Gull Force 10 (E10), please contact Carl and Hans at E & H Motors, who specialise in re-tuning and high-quality performance car services.