Gull Force 10

Gull Force 10 is a high performance 98 octane fuel made with 10% sustainable bioethanol. Gull Force 10 emits up to 8% less carbon dioxide than other high performance fuels and has been endorsed by EECA as an environmentally friendly fuel.

A high performance 98 octane petrol, used by the BNT NZ Touring Cars and everyday motor enthusiasts alike.

Emitting up to 8% less carbon dioxide than other high octane petrols, and has been endorsed by EECA as an environmentally friendly fuel. It’s a fuel that creates up to 8% less carbon dioxide, and because it burns more efficiently, provides extra power you can ‘feel’, and cleaner air for all of us. Over the last few years, we’ve pumped enough ethanol to fill more than eight Olympic swimming pools and saved our Kiwi air from more than 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Containing 10% ethanol. This is locally made by our dairy industry, reducing our dependency on imported fuel and supporting rural New Zealand.

The ethanol in Gull Force 10 is a renewable biofuel that’s more sustainable – so you can enjoy more power and do your bit for the environment.

Gull Force 10 will naturally remove water from your fuel system and contains anti-corrosive additives to protect your entire engine system. All fuel tanks generally contain some water generated by condensation, with older vehicles more likely to have water in the tank. Gull Force 10 will actually clean the water from your system. Combine this with the anti-corrosive additives we use and you have a fuel that not only performs well, but looks after your engine too. The end result is that it is firing on all cylinders, all the time. Don’t you love that?

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Who is using Gull Force 10?

BNT NZ Touring Cars

Gull have been the proud sole supplier of fuel to the BNT NZ Touring Cars since 2013. Each one of the high performance cars racing in the series runs on Gull Force 10, a 10% ethanol blended 98 octane fuel.

Gull Force 10 has become the official partner of the series due to its ability to reduce engine temperature while simultaneously creating more power. Drivers on the circuit have attributed fast lap times to the cleaner burning fuel – it’s a win, win.

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1000s of Kiwis

Gull Force 10 is the high octane fuel of choice for thousands of eco-minded Kiwis. The ethanol blend is suitable for use in any modern car that can run on 98 octane and the everyday low prices at Gull result in significant savings to both the environment and your pocket – that’s driving smarter!

Gull Force 10 Offshore Powerboat

Gavin McGrath’s 34ft powerboat is a top contender in the ‘classic class’ of the NZ Offshore Powerboat racing circuit - reaching top speeds of 80 mph with over 1000 horse power.

The 1999 Phantom Classic Sportster, co-driven by Haaka Le Sueur, is powered by two Chevy 502 Merlin engines. And that yellow monster? Well, it’s powered by Gull Force 10.

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