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We're proud to be supporting McLaren and can't wait to watch the documentary of a Kiwi motor racing legend, who created an empire from his shed. McLaren is a tale of human endeavour for the ages. 

From acclaimed director Roger Donaldson, comes then incredible true story of the man behind one of the greatest brands in international motorsport, McLaren. A fearless racing driver, a visionary and brilliant engineer, Bruce McLaren was a humble New Zealander who became a superstar in the glamorous jet-set world of 1960s Formula One motor racing.

About the film

MCLAREN is a documentary feature about an extraordinary New Zealander. A risk taking superstar who conquered the glamorous world of Formula One motor racing. A charismatic and inspiring leader, he did things his way – in 1963 forming the Bruce McLaren Racing Team to build and race revolutionary cars.

In 1970, he was killed in an accident in England while testing the M8D, a new race car he had just invented. He was 32 years old.

In his short life he achieved legendary status as a Kiwi hero. As a driver amongst the international legends of the time: Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi – the speedsters, the jet-setters, the ultra-popular idols of the track - McLaren was the youngest and the smartest of them all.


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