Here at Gull we’re passionate about creating long-term change for the good of our people and customers. “Fuel your mission” is what we stand for – a statement built on aspiration. We fuel the missions of locals, doing good in the community, and we fuel the missions of weekend warriors, living their best lives to the fullest.
We are no longer taking on board long-term individual athletes and partners, including in the motorsport space, and have instead decided to channel our energy into supporting programs where our contribution makes a real and positive difference to the lives of many, and so our current focus to conduct our sponsorships in a smaller ad-hoc and one-off capacity. 
Each year Gull receives hundreds of requests for sponsorships and charitable donations. Please understand that funds are naturally limited, and we regret that we cannot support every individual sponsorship application. 
To be considered for a Good Grants by Gull sponsorship, please ensure you fulfil our criteria before applying.

Our sponsorship activities are governed by the following principles:

  • Sponsorship provides a vehicle to communicate our organisational values and our brand values.
  • Sponsorship builds and develops the reputation of our brand.
  • Sponsorship is put towards a good cause, with its activities and purposes providing a tangible benefit to Gull and the wider community.
  • Sponsorship properties have high impact, relevance, and visibility within the intended target audience.
  • Sponsorship provides for the participation and recognition of our company.

Small scale sponsorship will be provided on a one-off capacity towards the following areas:

  • The advancement of local community, school and recreational events and projects.
  • The advancement of animal welfare.
  • The advancement of fire, rescue, or ambulance services.
  • The advancement of health and mental health services.

Whilst we acknowledge many groups and not-for-profit organisations have worthy purposes and activities, applications which fall into the above listed categories will be only considered at this time. Please note, our Good Grants sponsorship does not include long-term partnerships and naming rights to events, as well as motorsport activities.

Proposals cannot be considered if they:

  • Don't fall within the approved sponsorship areas of focus, as listed above.
  • Are based on long term partnerships or naming rights of any kind.
  • Discriminate in any shape or form.
  • Involve risk, danger or illegal activity.
  • Support personal, individuals and family groups only.
  • Support religious or political groups or events.
  • Take place outside of New Zealand.

The advancement of one-off local community, school and recreational events and projects
The advancement of animal welfare
The advancement of fire, rescue, or ambulance services
The advancement of health and mental health services

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