Richard Webb and Mark Colling

"Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone." - Richard  |  “I'm looking forward to regretting this!” - Mark


Richard: 1981 | Mark: 1980

Career Start

Richard: 2001 | Mark: 2011


Jetski Freerider

Who are Richard Webb and Mark Colling?
Who are Richard Webb and Mark Colling?

Richard and Mark are Gull’s jetski freeride athletes, with a love of the ocean and on a mission to get inverted or barrelled in pumping surf. They ride for pure excitement and thrill and, with the elegance of a dolphin and the speed of a shark, the two-pair team ride modified machines with engine upgrades, which provides the power to jump waves or submarine when diving under water.

Mark began freeriding 8 years ago in New Zealand’s deep south – the Mainland, where New Zealand’s Gold Rush all began in 1861. Mark wanted to get amongst the water, pure recreationally, and he struck gold in meeting the Kiwi freeride legend Steve Amende, who gave Mark the right steer in how to get into the sport. Soon enough, Mark was inverting, flipping and barrelling and the rest is history.  

Richard is a Hawke’s Bay local with water sports in his blood. Some 18 years ago his family bought their first stand-up ski for some holiday family fun and Richard got right into the racing scene for some years to come. Multiple national titles later, he tested the waters of freeriding and was hooked immediately - and hasn’t looked back since. Richard runs New Zealand’s premiere jetski surf freeride event - the NZ Festival of Freeride.

Both Mark and Richard are all for having fun out on the water and encouraging each other to step out of their comfort zones, but they’re also extremely passionate about growing the sport, and giving back to freeride is what really fuels their mission.

Their proudest moments? Passing on advice, which ultimately sees someone achieving their goal. 


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Who are Richard Webb and Mark Colling?