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COVID-19 Update

25 March 2020 - Blog by the team at Gull

At Gull we are committed to supporting the health and safety of customers and staff at our sites. In light of COVID-19, during Alert Level 4 phase, service stations will be able to stay open to support New Zealanders, as they are considered to be essential services.

Fuel falls under “Utilities and communications, including supply chains” (electricity, gas, water, waste, fuel, telecommunication services, internet providers and media) and a complete list of 'essential businesses' can be found on the Government’s COVID-19 website here. For other reliable advice about COVID-19, please visit

There is plenty of fuel available and we urge you to purchase as normal.

Our hours

We are still open for business across the country. Should site hours change on a large scale, updates will be made on our Station Locator page, but at this point in time we see little change happening.

Social distancing

Over the next few days sites that can will be putting in place changes to minimise contact on site and this includes our manned sites operating a locked-door policy and accepting payment through the night window. If you require supplies from the store these will passed through the window to you. Where the sites have them, you will still be able to use the Speedlanes (a pay-at-pump facility) without accessing the store.


We’ve asked our on-site teams to increase the level and frequency of cleaning high-touch areas, including our pay-at-pump terminals, EFTPOS terminals, doors, counters and pump nozzles. At this current time, hand sanitiser is in high demand across the country. We have made the decision to ensure that the stocks which are available in New Zealand are going to the people and places who need it most – immune-compromised households, rest homes, pharmacies, hospitals and other medical centres. However, if you’re concerned about touching the petrol pump, we have paper towels available beside each pump at all Gull service stations, and you can use these to cover the pump handle while filling up. Please dispose of these in the rubbish bin provided. We will also need your support to keep our sites safe. We ask that you continue to use proper hand-washing and hygiene procedures, good coughing etiquette and maintain a 2-metre social distance from other customers and staff. Please refrain from coming onto a Gull site if you are feeling unwell.


You can continue to pay for fuel at the pump at any unmanned Gull site and Speedlane pumps at manned sites. These can be found on our Station Locator page and payment methods are via bank cards only.

COVID-19 at petrol pumps

Various messages have been circulating on social media about the risk of catching COVID-19 through petrol pumps. Please know that this is not an official health notification but if you would prefer to minimise contact, you can use a paper towel to hold the pump. We encourage all staff and customers to maintain proper hand-washing and hygiene procedures and this applies to all touch points one makes throughout their day, not just at a petrol station. Everyone is responsible at this stage in time.

With open hearts and clean hands, we ask our customers to please stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive and mainly, stay home.

Kindest regards,

The team at Gull