The future is electric. Biofuel is now!

At Gull, we’re dreaming of a clean, electric future. However, we understand that plugging in your car to charge isn’t an option for everyone right now. That’s why we continue to offer Kiwis greener fuel, just like we’ve been doing since we produced the first drop of Biodiesel way back in 2006 - well before any of the big fuel giants caught on!

Over the last 10 years we have sold over 30 million litres of biofuel. That is around 12 Olympic swimming pools worth of fuel - and the equivalent of 67,000 tonnes of carbon saved (via the ETS measure).

Our biofuels clean & protect your engine!

Our 98 Octane (Force 10) has been specially crafted to cater to the average car. The calculated blend of 90% premium petrol and 10% bioethanol produces a premium grade fuel, which is better for both your car and the environment.

gull biofuel benefits

Made with sustainable bioethanol.

We don't believe in wasting food or extra space and resources to produce our ethanol. The ethanol we use is sustainably sourced through waste by-product from the dairy industry and used cooking oil from good old fish & chips. Last year we even brewed a special fuel batch with our friends at DB, to create the world's first biofuel from a beer waste. We are proud to say it is an award winning brew. (1st place SBN Renewables Innovation Award 2015 and Highly Commended at the 2016 EECA Awards for the University of Waikato Innovation Award)

gull bioethanol process

Ethanol in fuel is more common then you think!

Though Gull has been the only fuel retailer in NZ to offer a bioethanol fuel, ethanol is found in many gasoline mixtures worldwide. In Brazil, gasoline contains at least 85% ethanol. In other countries, ethanol usually makes up between 10 and 15% of gasoline. Most cars today enjoy a healthy amount of ethanol in their diet, and actually get a good kick out of it. We have filled over 11 million cars without any issues.model t

I've heard something about water in the fuel?

This myth has been around for a while. It’s funny how something good can be ruined with a bit of bad word of mouth! We would never be able to pass New Zealand fuel regulations if this was true and our fuels always go above and beyond what is expected. Ethanol actually helps remove any water which may have built up in your tank. Water buildup in tanks occurs naturally from condensation when a car has not been used for a long time, and if that happens you probably have bigger problems to worry about.

Shouldn’t ethanol fuel be cheaper?

Force 10 is a premium 98 octane and it is sold way cheaper than 98 from our competitors. If you visit us on a Discount Day when we drop the price of all of our fuels. (Usually 10 cents but sometimes we do something extra special.)

No, 91 is not biofuel, but it’s still good stuff.

Gull Regular 91 Octane petrol meets the requirements of all spark ignition engines, contains no ethanol, and is less than 50 parts per million of sulphur. This means it is effectively the cleanest burning grade of petrol out there and compatible with all cars and boats in New Zealand designed to run on 91 Octane.

New Zealand's leading biofuel retailer!


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