Gull New Plymouth is now open!

The wait is over, Gull has finally landed in New Plymouth! 

Gull Retail Development Manager, Karl Mischewski, says the company is excited about opening in New Plymouth this week and looks forward to the arrival of the “Gull Effect” in the town, which until now has seen little competition in fuel prices.

The ‘Gull Effect’ as the NZ Automobile Association (AA) calls it, causes a localised price drop across competitors following Gull’s introduction to a new location.

Gull is a family founded business with lower operating costs than its competitors and therefore can offer better prices on fuel, forcing other fuel chains near Gull stations to drop prices to match.

Set up as an unmanned station, Gull New Plymouth is located on 107-127 Leach St, New Plymouth 4312 and will offer convenient Drive Thru 24/7 pay at pump technology, providing Regular 91, Gull Force 10 (98) and Diesel.

Station Locator 

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