Gull Waipapa Now Open!

Gull New Zealand has winged its way north, bringing even lower fuel prices to motorists in Northland with Gull Waipapa turning on the pumps this week.

Gull Waipapa, located on State Highway 10, is the northernmost site for the independent, family owned energy company, perfectly positioned for locals and visitors to the region alike. The site was blessed by Ngāti Rēhia prior to opening.

“Gull Waipapa is in close proximity to Kerikeri, Northland’s largest town, and we expect those living both in town and on the outskirts to benefit from lower prices across the board as a result of the ‘Gull Effect’. We’ve seen it happen at other locations when Gull has entered the market and we believe Kerikeri will follow suit,” says Karl Mischewski, Retail Development and Sustainability Manager at Gull.

The ‘Gull Effect’ is a localised price drop across competitors following Gull’s introduction to a new location.

“But local motorists are the only ones to benefit; the easily accessible location on State Highway 10 also makes it perfect for people taking part in the great New Zealand road trip tradition. The far north and Bay of Islands are some of our most historic and scenic areas and we are delighted to help people explore more of the winterless North for less.”

The pumps at Gull Waipapa opened with a special discounted price of $1.89.9 for Regular 91 and $1.12.9 for Diesel.

Gull Waipapa is a drive-through, pay-at-pump site providing Regular 91, Low Sulphur Diesel and Gull Force 10 (98 Octane) on four dispensers.  

If you’re new to Gull Drive-Thru sites click here for our step by step instructions.

1993 SH10 Waipapa Northland, RD2 0472