Splore Driven by Nature

Many New Zealanders are unaware that Gull has been offering biofuels as a greener way of driving for the past seven years. Partnering with New Zealand’s most environmentally conscious music festival, Splore, provided a great opportunity to let Kiwis know there is an option available for eco-minded individuals. 

Gull’s focus on providing a more sustainable fuel solution to Kiwi motorists aligns well with Splore’s commitment to being as eco-friendly as possible and minimising waste. With this in mind, we supplied a special blend of B20 Diesel Max, an ultra-low sulphur biodiesel blend made from used cooking oil, to power generators used at the three day music festival.

gull splore edible billboard

Gull's edible billboard at Splore 2015

On the road into the festival, a full-sized Gull billboard was constructed from hay-bales and printed with non-toxic vegetable dye. A herd of hungry cows was then released into the paddock, devouring the billboard over the course of the festival, and leaving less of an environmental impact than traditional outdoor advertising would have.

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