Gull Wellsford Now Open

Gull New Zealand has landed in Wellsford, bringing with it lower fuel prices to both local motorists and holidaymakers.

Gull Retail Development Manager, Karl Mischewski, says the company is excited about opening in Wellsford this week and looks forward to the arrival of the “Gull Effect” in the town, which until now has seen little competition in fuel prices.

The ‘Gull Effect’ as the NZ Automobile Association (AA) calls it, causes a localised price drop across competitors following Gull’s introduction to a new location.

Gull is a family owned business with lower operating costs than its competitors and therefore can offer better prices on fuel, forcing other fuel chains near Gull stations to drop prices to match.

“We’re expecting to see the prices of our competitors plummet over the next few weeks, thanks to the opening of Gull Wellsford.

“Even if motorists don’t buy their petrol from Gull, everyone in and travelling through Wellsford will benefit from lower fuel prices – thanks to the opening of our newest station,” says Mischewski.

Set up as an unmanned station, Gull Wellsford is located on State Highway 1 and offers convenient Drive Thru 24/7 pay at pump technology, providing Regular 91, Gull Force 10 (98 Octane) and Diesel.

In addition, Gull Wellsford will provide 12 car parks for customers of the popular “shop at the top” Four Square situated next door.

“We think it’s about time that our competitors take an honest look at what they’ve been charging for fuel in the area and that local motorists choose to vote with their dollar at Gull Wellsford, showing that they’re no longer happy with being ripped off at the pump,” concludes Mischewski.

Location of Gull Wellsford: 201-207 Rodney Street, Wellsford, Auckland 0900.

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