Twenty-two years ago three independent oil companies tried to enter the New Zealand market. Since then only Gull has survived the test of time, with complete focus towards our loyal customer base.

Gull launched in New Zealand in 1998 with the building of its state-of-the-art terminal in Mount Maunganui in the North Island. Gull’s tanks were relocated from Marsden Point by barge - a feat the opposition said was “impossible”.

Gull made the first retail sales of petrol in 1999 and has grown its network to close to 100 unmanned, manned and marina branded sites.



Gull was the first fuel company to introduce many innovative products to the New Zealand market well ahead of the opposition, including, in 2002, low sulphur diesel, which has proven environmental benefits. In August 2007, Gull again set new environmental benchmarks with the launch by the then Prime Minister Rt Hon Helen Clark of New Zealand’s first biofuel - Gull Force 10 - comprising of 10% ethanol, blended with premium gasoline, giving higher octane and cleaner performance. Diesel Max followed - a biodiesel blended with mineral diesel for diesel vehicles.

Gull were also the first oil company to pass on value to the Kiwi motorist, by keeping prices down and not putting profit before our customers.