Can I receive a receipt for a past fuel purchase?
You sure can. Simply send the below information to and your receipt will be delivered straight to your Inbox.
  • The Gull site you visited
  • The date and time of your transaction
  • The pump number used and fuel grade purchased
  • The last four digits of your bank card
  • Your email address

Can I use any of your vouchers, Discount Day or $20 denomination, at an unmanned site?
Unfortunately not, sorry! Gull vouchers can only be used at manned sites, which have the correct point-of-sale software to be able to scan the vouchers.

I purchased fuel and noticed a second transaction on my account for $200.00.
In order to offer pay-at-pump, banks require us to use the pre-authorisation process, which checks for available funds in your account of up to $200 and places those funds on hold inside your account. When you hang up the nozzle to complete the transaction, our payment terminal sends a transaction for the amount dispensed and requests the $200 hold be released. Please note that a pre-authorisation can occur whether fuel is or isn’t dispensed.

Unfortunately, while we are required to operate via this method, the banks do not universally follow a process for releasing the holds and for many non-bank credit cards (e.g. Gem Visa) or international credit cards, it can take a few days to release. With the major banks the release is generally instantaneous.

For that reason, we felt it best to implement a warning to cardholders who don’t bank with the major NZ banks to make sure you’re aware of process occurring. We’ve been working extensively with the major NZ banks, encouraging them to get their releases happening in real time and are hoping to work with other domestic card issuers to get assurances from them too.
Gull New Zealand doesn't hold the money and we only charge you for the fuel you purchase. We are not responsible for, and have no influence over, the time it takes for your bank (who issued your payment card) to release a temporary hold or pre-authorisation hold. If you have any queries on this, we suggest you contact the issuer of your payment card.