Convenience stores

Gull's major convenience stores are now being operated by Night 'n Day. Established in 1990, Night 'n Day has been growing its network of convenience stores with a commitment to quality service and presentation.

Night 'n Day's aim is to meet the demands of customers and be leaders in the convenience grocery store market, hence their slogan "We've got it when you want it".

Now operating 21 of our service stations, Night 'n Day are pushing the boundaries on what to expect from a service station convenience store. Stop in and check out their fantastic offer including hot chips, sandwiches, milkshakes, old-fashioned scooped ice cream and of course their famous own-brand Helova coffee.

All but a couple of Night 'n Day stores will be run by franchisees and as you'd expect, when the person who runs the store owns the store, you're going to get the best possible service.

Gull Unmanned

Using our Unmanned Sites:
  1. Insert your card into the Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT). Any OPT can control any pump onsite.

  2. Follow the onscreen prompts.Choose fuel or receipt, enter your pump number then enter your card details.

  3. Lift nozzle and fill up.If you do not lift the nozzle and start filling up within 3 minutes of completing your transaction at the OPT, the transaction will time out and you will not be charged.

  4. When you have finished filling up, hang up the nozzle. This completes the transaction.

  5. Re-insert card into OPT and follow the onscreen prompts to get a receipt.Receipts are available up to 24hrs after your transaction was made.



Gull Marinas

Gull Marine Fuel is available at the pump at these convenient locations: