Dos & Don'ts with Paige Hareb

23 April 2019 - vBlog by The Gull Team

Gull athlete, Paige Hareb is NZ's most successful female surfer ever. She's fought her way back on to the elite World Championship Tour (WCT) for 2019 and says having fun is the best thing to do: “If you're not having fun, then you're not going to do your best.” Paige isn't just good at surfing and likes playing a variety of sports, which she says is good for cross-training and taking your mind off your main sport.

Competition out in the water can get hectic when lots of people are after the same waves, but Paige says you should never forget your surf etiquette. And your sunscreen: “I learnt that from experience,” she says.

Paige Hareb