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Serious about performance. Serious about the environment.

Gull Regular 91 Octane petrol meets the requirements of all spark ignition engines, contains no ethanol, and is less than 50 parts per million of sulphur. This means it is effectively the cleanest burning grade of petrol out there and compatible with all cars and boats in New Zealand designed to run on 91 Octane.

Gull Force 10 is a high performance 98 octane fuel made with 10% sustainable bioethanol. Gull Force 10 emits up to 8% less carbon dioxide than other high performance fuels and has been endorsed by EECA as an environmentally friendly fuel.

A specialty high performance fuel made from bioethanol, mixed with premium petrol. Designed for use in Flexible Fuel (FlexFuel) vehicles and specifically designed for high performance motor racing engines.

Gull went “low sulphur” well before legislation required it, or the oil giants thought it was a good idea.

Gull Diesel Max combines our state of the art Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel with renewable fuel (biodiesel) to give you the perfect blend of performance and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Future thinking fuels

Better for your car, your pocket,
our farmers & the planet!

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