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22 August 2019 - Promotion by Gull

Submissions have now closed.

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Are you the next Gull Athlete? 

We’re on the hunt for an ambitious individual to join our team of Gull Athlete champions. Can you showcase personality, passion, vision and a true love for your sport? Show us with a short video* and fill out the official entry form below before 11.59pm on 6 October, and you're in to win!

*Your video must be original and compiled/edited for the purposes of entering the competition, between 15 seconds - 3 minutes long. Check out the Video Entry Tips video and Judging Criteria below, to ensure your entry is the best version possible that you can submit.

Up for grabs:
  • The chance to be a part of the Gull Athlete Programme.
  • $1,000 cash prizes awarded to finalist entries.
  • Spot prizes for our favourite video submissions (announced on our Facebook page during the promotion period).


Important entry info:

Your entry will be judged by Gull, based on our judging criteria and terms and conditions. If you make the shortlist, you'll be awarded $1,000 cash and possibly contacted to discuss the next steps toward a potential Gull sponsorship.

What we look for in a Gull Athlete: 

  • A Gull personality: You're maverick, yet genuine. High performance, yet humble. 
  • Up-and-coming in your field: You're starting off, with great potential to succeed. 
  • On a mission: You've got serious goals in mind and a personal best to achieve.
  • An understanding of sponsorship: It's a business deal. You help us, we help you.
  • An engaged social media presence: Active, on-brand, professional and a following to back this up.
  • An individual who is preferably 18 years and above and has completed their high school years. We require a level of maturity and independence from a Gull Athlete, who acquires business acumen, especially when contracts, invoices and communication come into play. 

Download Athlete Guidelines

Your video will be judged on:

  • Skill: Show us why you're best at what you do!

  • Creativity: Three minutes is all it takes to share how creative you can be.

  • Footage: We want to see something that is raw, original and personal.

  • Humour: We're always up for a laugh and some good banter. 

  • Good character: Gull Athletes are professional on and off the field. Do you tick that box?

Your video must:

  • Include you of course!

  • Display your skills in your chosen sport.

  • Be original and compiled/edited for the purposes of entering the competition.

  • Be short - 15 seconds to 3 minutes long.

  • Have approval by anyone present in the video.

  • Pick up your smartphone: You don't need to use pro gear to make awesome and professional looking video.
  • Talk to the (selfie) camera and introduce yourself: What's your name? What's your sport? What's your main goal?
  • Impress us with your achievements: Comps you've won, records you've broken, or moves you've mastered.
  • Show off your skills: Cut in some footage of you training or competing. Just make sure you have permission to use this.
  • Finish your video: There are loads of apps available to help you edit, add music and turn your footage into a video that'll knock our socks off!
  • Be safe: Please be careful and don't endanger yourself.

In short:

  • You must be a New Zealand resident to enter.
  • We'll retain any footage you upload and it may be included as a part of this and future Gull marketing campaigns but never in a way that we think is embarrassing or defamatory to you.
  • The main prize is $1,000 to each of our shortlisted entries, and if we really like you, we'll chat further about a potential sponsorship deal. The sponsorship isn't a guaranteed prize.
  • We'll send you the occasional promotional email. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time.
  • Entries close at 11:59pm midnight on 6 October, 2019.